Storage Remaining


??YahooPhotos is being REALLY STUPID, check out the attached screenshot!

So much for “UNLIMITED STORAGE” as stated @**it’s not really unlimited at all :SSeems I’m just about outta photo storage space;S?? I’ve uploaded so much photos that apparently I’m almost totally outta room for any more. What should I do?!? I’m gonna email RogersYahoo Internet support and whine for one!!!Anywayz, I’m highly considering moving over to FLICKr–I’ve actually started using it already since I’ve got this kool integration with my website. $24.95usd for a PRO Account–anybody wanna gimme a belated Christmas/early bday/graduation present?!? (Click here to buy it for me–my screen name is sixsteps)?? Flickr is a Yahoo company, so they technically should be able to transfer my yahoophotos over–if it could do this I’ll really jump on switching over!

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