Office 2007 Beta-1 Technical Refresh

So, the other day, after hearing about how the new??Microsoft Office 2007 Beta-1 Technical Refresh released a couple weeks ago was putting a huge server load on??Microsoft’s beta server, I was thinking what in the world is so special about this release that ALL the beta testers are getting it immediately!?? So curious me, went abouts to download this myself…and first installed it on my desktop to??makesure it’s not totally buggy…it wasn’t, and when??I ran it for the first time, I was completely amazed by the new Ribbon UI.?? (I never installed the original Beta-1)????If you haven’t tried out the new “Office 12”, you should definitely give it a try (ahem, download it illegally)…the new UI is just amazing… soooo koool!!! LOL?? People say it’s hard to learn how to use it, for everybody who’s used to the old “File/Edit/Insert” menu….but I gotta say, once u get used to where everything is on the Ribbon UI, it’ll be so much easier and faster to use Word / Excel / etc… Another kool feature I like is when u highlight some text that u wanna make bold/italics wutever, a mini floating menu fades into view at ur mouse pointer with the basic bold/italics/etc u use often; so intuitive & convenient, with one click and no need for Ctrl+B or dragging ur mouse up to the top menu for bolding!I then went abouts to install it on Magalene, my laptop–and lo and behold, I’m not enjoying Office 2007!?? Considering it is a beta, and I still have a few papers to finish before graduating, I probably shouldn’t be using this for my schoolwork…but what the heck!!?? Seems pretty darn good to me, I’m not worried, and taking every precaution just in case something does happen.So right now, on my laptop, I’m running 3 pieces of Microsoft Beta software:

  • Windows Live Messenger (I’m a “managed beta” tester for this! whatever this means!?? If u need an Invite to use the new Messenger, email me, I’ve got some left)
  • Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview (Tabs system is IMHO better than Firefox’s, and the RSS feature in their “Favorites Center” is soo functional–i use it everyday along with the feeds I read thru my homepage!?? Double dose of RSS feeds!)
  • Office 2007 Professional (Very very sexy interface, very usable, but not publically available yet)

Along with my slick Vista-like Windows XP theme, I’m pretty proud of my shweet M$ setup…nice n functional, and doesn’t look like a Mac!?? Oh, and of course, I use as my homepage, and using Custom Domains to host my at sixsteps dot org??email (still waiting to get transitioned from their hotmail servers to their?? servers).Check out the screenshot below of my beta toys!



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