Phriday Photos


This is what we call in cantonese, “yut gauw wun”–basically meaning ‘a glob of cloud’!I’m not sure if this is exactly how I feel right now… but I am simply not sure if I am thinking straight.?? The world and everything/everybody around me would not bet on me being successful in taking the route I want to take.?? I would be taking the road much less taken, and at this age, it is very rare.?? Some would not dare go where I have dared, and hence, my hesitations.?? We’re riding on a dark horse… and ight now, I’m just proceeding with caution.?? I haven’t placed my bet yet, and still have not folded.?? In a sense, everybody around me is waiting for me to move…what will I do??? I don’t even know.

Indian summerAbelineYou were new in town, I was nineteen,And the sparks flewThey called us crazy behind our backs”Romantic fools” we just let them laughBecause we knewIt may be a long shotWe may get lonely down the lineBut love knows no reasonAnd I won’t let ’em make up my mind

My money’s riding on this dark horse, babyMy heart is saying it’s the lucky oneAnd it’s true color’s gonna shine through somedayIf we let this, let this dark horse run

Stars are brighter in a desert skyNo need to wonder or justifyWhere this will leadI wear your locket, our picture’s insideInscription says ‘the joy’s in the ride’And I believeThat something so sacredIs something worth this kind of fightCause love knows no patienceYou can’t please everyone all the time

So rareSo sweetTogether baby, I knowWe canDisappearBe free

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