Phriday Photos

See the blaze that burns in me when I see Youand You look at me O Lord!On You I meditate and as I think my soul it faints for You

You are my drink, You are my feast,You are my love, my soul’s own King!

Your body and Your blood and I remember You,upon the cross You hung and I remember You!


???Can we possibly, without utter absurdity, maintain that there first existed in anyone the good virtue of a good will, to entitle him to the removal of his heart of stone? How can we say this, when all the time this heart of stone itself signifies precisely a will of the hardest kind, a will that is absolutely inflexible against God? For if a good will comes first, there is obviously no longer a heart of stone.???-St.Augustine, On Grace and Free Will, 29???For we are now speaking of the desire for goodness. If they want to say that this begins from ourselves and is then perfected by God, let them see how they can answer the apostle when he says, ???Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God??? (2 Cor. 3:5)???-St.Augustine, Against Two Letters of the Pelagians, 2:18

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