Phriday Photos

When there were 9…


That’s us, the original 9 of us who have been at Jaffray for basically all our lives, since 1988.L-R: Herman Mo &??Sharon Chu, Caleb Chau &??Holly (Mo) Chau, Sharon Wong, me, Pastor Benjamin Li & his wife Vivian, Hannah Lau, Doreen Hsu, Karen Hsu (sitting).The photo was taken March 30, 2003 @ Pastor Ben’s house.?? I think it was his going away party…he was with us for about 4years; he’s now at a NTCBC’s Richmond Hill location (I think).?? It’s amazing that it’s been only 3 years (or maybe the exif is wrong LOL)… it feels like a lifetime ago.?? Caleb and Holly are married now, and Karen’s getting married in like 3weeks.?? I don’t know why, but it just seems like in a few short years, we’ve grown up soo much.?? Things are soo different now, and it kinda even feels like we’ve lost a lot of the innocence of our younger years.?? “Younger years” LOL!?? I guess life just wasn’t that complicated back then; it was just simpler with less responsibilities, less hassles, less heartaches and headaches.Things have changed, and yet so little has changed.?? I’m still here…we’re all still here.?? The one constant that has stayed constant in our ever-changing lives is our LORD God.?? Yesterday, today and forever, He never changes, He stays the same.?? His love for us is constant.Where we seemingly struggle with the same sin and issues year after year (YOU know exactly what I’m talking about)… God says to us this morning, “It does not have to be like this..?? it shouldn’t have to be like this.?? I know a way out: give it all to me.”?? It continually breaks God’s heart and brings Him to tears when he sees us trying to defeat sin and temptation with our human strength…sighing heavily that what we want is not what He’s made us to need, and what we actually need isn’t what we want.On this day, he calls us all to “metanoeo“–an internal transformation, not some meaningless external modification.?? THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE.???? This is it: no more endless, fruitless discussions of what we should have, would have, could have done.?? From this moment forward, et us turn our hearts??and bend our knees, and let the transforming power of Christ make us new again, from the inside out.?? Let us forget what lies behind, strive forward to what lies ahead and I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ.And as God wipes away every tear from our eyes, let death?? be no more, neither mourning nor crying nor pain, let us be confident that even in our times, even in this very moment right now, He has made all things new.

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