The Wedding

Since last August, I’ve come into that season of my life in which??I seriously despise weddings.?? Maybe it’s just what I experienced that caused me to look at relationships in a darker light, having??not rid myself of all bitterness yet.?? But I think I have come a long way, by the grace of God through faith in the redeeming blood of His Son Christ Jesus, to just live in the simplicity of the moment and the stability of this phase of my life.?? Thanks be to God for this indeed.I’ve been meditating about what I desire from my life lately.?? And one word has come up constantly in my mind: consistency.?? Pure, unchanging consistent unchaningness.?? The kind of person who is reliable, trustworthy…who’s feelings, attitudes and character does not change because of circumstance, situation, time, or the day of the month.?? Somebody whose faith is able to withstand the currents of life’s storm; who is able to trust God & His will??in all things inspite??of & despite what hardships life may bring; somebody who is able to endure suffering and not deviate from living by??the Word of God because of what others might say.Consistency: that’s what I want.?? Even in terms of work, and church, I want a kind of stability in which I can unwaveringly live in day in and day out–stability and reliability.For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been reading a book I’ve had on my shelf for almost 2 years now and yet to have read: The Wedding, by Nicholas Sparks.?? I honestly have to say, it was the best novel by Sparks I have read to this date.?? The first Sparks novel I read was “A Walk to Remember” when it was first published 1999, long before it was even considered to be made into a movie.?? Shortly after reading that I read Sparks’ first novel which was critically acclaimed, and is now currently known as one of the most tear-jerking stories around thanks to the movie–The Notebook.?? I read it very long ago, and cannot remember the exact contents of it, except that the movie I do recall was very well produced (compared to the teen-oriented “A Walk to Remember” which got totally reworked for the bigscreen to attract the younger crowds–bad move I thought, movie could have been much better).I basically own and have read all of Sparks’ novels–I even met him last spring and got him to sign my copy of True Believer which I had given to my ex.?? Nicholas Sparks in real life is just like how he sounds like off the pages of his books–a nice, down to earth, sappy sensitive guy who’s confident enough to stand proud in his character.Anyways, ???The Wedding??? is about Wilson & Jane who???ve been married about 30yrs; Jane is Noah & Allie???s daughter (Allie???s passed away a few years ago).. and the wedding about to happen is Wilson & Jane???s daughter.?? The main story is that after 30yrs Wilson is feeling that he & Jane are falling out of love???and he???s trying to salvage what they once had.?? It???s turned out to be a great story with an ending I totally did not see coming–I was totally surprised and WOWed to the power of 100.?? I???d love to see this in a movie???hopefully, a Mirimax production instead of WB, so it???s a more serious look at committed relationships and what it takes for a lifetime of mistakes to be reconciled.?? I highly recommend it.

“Nicholas Sparks’s 1996 debut novel, The Notebook, was a fast and easy read that sold millions upon millions of copies. Other bestselling love stories followed (Message in a Bottle; A Walk to Remember; The Guardian), but Sparks’s fans have from the very beginning eagerly anticipated a sequel to the romantic tale of Allie and Noah Calhoun. The wait is now over.


Attorney Wilson Lewis has been married to Noah and Allie’s daughter, Jane, for 30 years. Wilson and Jane have raised three children and lived a satisfying and prosperous life in the bucolic town of New Bern, N.C. After forgetting his anniversary, Wilson realizes that the passion and romance have gone out of his marriage and fears his wife no longer loves him. Being a methodical man, he decides to embark on a yearlong program to renew his romantic ties to his wife, seeking out the advice of Noah, who now spends his days in a retirement home feeding a swan he is sure is the reincarnation of his beloved Allie. In the midst of Wilson’s machinations, his daughter Anna announces she is getting married. The upcoming wedding provides Wilson with the opportunity to bring his elaborate plan to fruition. Sparks tells his sweet story competently, without sinking too deeply into the mire of sentiment; a gasp-inducing twist comes at the very end.”

I think I’ll start reading Message In a Bottle now…I’ve had this one for a while also??and never got around to fully reading it.?? I felt the movie was really good (Kevin Costner & Robin Wright-Penn as the main characters) though I recall there were significant deviations from the original story.?? This one is a bit longer than all of Sparks’ other novels, though I’m thinking all the words were necessary for character and plot development.After this, I will need to buy True Believer, At First Sight, and probably Three Weeks with My Brother, a personal memoir co-written with his older brother.?? I’m also looking forward to Sparks latest novel, “Dear John” even though I have no idea what it’s about right now!?? And yes, I know that all this makes me a major sap!?? I must say I am not ashamed of this, but rather quite proud of it.?? Any of you guys reading this–I highly recommend you check out Sparks’ books: his stories aren’t Disney crap, have many Christian characters, and most of all I’m sure you’ll find lots of ideas to woo the girl of your dreams;-)

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