Phriday Photos

A photo from my 3rd year trip to Salzburg, Austria 🙂


Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of receiving a small gift in the mail from a friend in Maryland… Connie Chang.?? She works for New Attitude Conference, a ministry of Josh Harris’ church, Covenant Life Church / Sovereign Grace Ministries.?? She was kind of enough to send me a WorshipGod06 wristband, exacto knife?, prayer card, and a post card with some gracious words written on the back of it:


Anyways, before I post what I’ve been meaning to post for the past few days… I just want to leave a note here, about how/what I’ve been feeling.?? It’s a complicated feeling, a good feeling, but a still a feeling that could very well fade away in an instant.?? I could choose to let this go right now, at this very moment… but to think of what I’d be losing–I pause and realize that this will truly be a God-sized test of patience, the largest I’ve experienced in all my life.?? A friend calls it being at a cross-road, but I just find myself walking??my path, and my friend here walking hers… currently more or less side by side, though not hand in hand… sooner or later, when I leave for seminary, the distance will be much larger between us.?? In a sense I’ve said what I really wanted to say, but the truth is, there’s more… a lot more… something big enough to encompass my entire future.

I’m tugging at my hairI’m pulling at my clothesI’m trying to keep my coolI know it showsI’m staring at my feetMy cheeks are turning redI’m searching for the words inside my head’Cuz I’m feeling nervousTrying to be so perfect’Cuz I know you’re worth it…you’re worth it…yeahIf I could say what I want to sayI’d say I want to blow you… awayBe with you every nightAm I squeezing you too tight?If I could say what I want to seeI want to see you go down on one knee…Marry me today!Guess I’m wishing my life away…With these things I’ll never sayIt don’t do me any goodIt’s just a waste of timeWhat use is it to you, what’s on my mind?If it ain’t comin’ outWe’re not goin’ anywhereSo why can’t I just tell you that I care?’Cuz I’m feeling nervousTrying to be so perfect’Cuz I know you’re worth it…you’re worth it…yeahWhat’s wrong, with my tongueThese words keep slippin’ away…I stutter…I stumbleLike I’ve got nothin’ to sa-ay…I’m feelin’ nervousTryin’ to be so perfect’Cuz I know you’re worth it…You’re worth it…yeah

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