Phriday Photos

Happy Friday!


Yellow in the fall


3 trees, 2 benches, 1 foggy dayThe following are apt words, for a certain someone, to whome it may concern:-)

For all those times you stood by meFor all the truth that you made me seeFor all the joy you brought to my lifeFor all the wrong that you made rightFor every dream you made come trueFor all the love i found in youI’ll be forever thankful babyYou’re the one who held me upNever let me fallYou’re the one who saw me through through it allYou were my strength when I was weakYou were my voice when I couldn’t speakYou were my eyes when I couldn’t seeYou saw the best there was in meLifted me up when I couldn’t reachYou gave me faith ‘coz you believedI’m everything I am, because you loved meYou gave me wings and made me flyYou touched my hand I could touch the skyI lost my faith, you gave it back to meYou said no star was out of reachYou stood by me and I stood tallI had your love I had it allI’m grateful for each day you gave meMaybe I don’t know that muchBut I know this much is trueI was blessed because I was loved by youYou were always there for meThe tender wind that carried meA light in the dark shining your love into my lifeYou’ve been my inspirationThrough the lies you were the truthMy world is a better place because of you

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