I am now officially famous!

And it’s not doing any good to my ego, which is trying really hard to be humble in all aspcts of life! LOLOne of my photos is being auctioned off for charity!?? w00t!!My photo “Yellow in the Fall” was selected by Flickr to be 1 of the 20 featured in their “Flickr3333rd anniversary benefit auction. It is being printed, matted and framed for the auction that will be on March 3, 2007 @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street (San Francisco, CA) 6-9 PM. Click here for details. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to Kids with Cameras.When I took this photo back in 2003, it was actually not that well focused – I could only do so much with my (friend’s) old Fuji point-and-shoot. However, post-processing in Photoshop CS2 pays off 3.5years later! I also featured the photo on Phriday Photos this past February 15, 2007.

Yellow in the Fall


Feel free to comment about the photo on its flickr page (click on the photo)!

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