Phriday Photos

I walked out of the office one whole hour early (thanx to the kindess of my supervisor) at 3:30pm yesterday and still, it took me over 4.5hours to get home! A big snow storm hit Toronto in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, and the afternoon rush hour became a standstill: bumper to bumper on basically all the major roads. I didn’t even bother taking the highway, since 680news told me it was very slow from Mississauga all the way through to Port Union in Scarborough! I tried taking Steeles, and Finch, but apparently that was what everybody else did too.


This (Friday) morning, waking up the radio said that there was ice all over the streets, ice/snow chunks falling off trees and roofs, frozen trees & hyrdo poles falling over, and Toronto Police recommending that everybody stay home unless absolutely necessary. So that’s what I did: called in and left a message at the office saying I wasn’t gonna be coming home! More photos here:



Click here for more photos taken yesterday/March 1.

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