Photography and cameras

At the Flickr 333 photo auction for Flickr’s 3rd anniversary in San Francisco, $5,480 was raised for Kids with Cameras! Check out photos from the auction here. I’ve included some photos of my photo at the auction below:-)


The other day, I was browsing thru Flickr and found these gorgeous pics of my dream DSLR and lens: the Nikon D80 with the 18-200 VR!


But hearing about how the 10mp Nikon D40x was just announced earlier this week, I’ve read about the great value there is in just getting the 6mp D40, which is dropping in price as we speak! Combine that with the new 18-155 II lens, then I’ll save lots over the $2k D80 / 18-200 VR combo. Having a 18-55 II and a new inexpensive 55-200 VR will give me all the focal length range I need, for good deal cheaper than just one 18-200 VR lensI’m still scratching my head about what I would get, when I finally switch to DSLR. The 18-200 VR is an amazingly versatile vibration-reduction lens that is very hard to get and still very expensive. And reading about how the D200 has near-perfect exposure meetering for great shots almost every time is hard to swallow too! Unfortunately, the D200 is really too big, too expensive, and too pro for a novice like me :SSo what should I do?

  • D40(x) with a 18-55 II (and a 55-200 VR)?
  • D40(x) with a 18-200 VR?
  • D80 with a 18-55 II (and a 55-200 VR)?
  • or just an ubber expensive D80 with a 18-200 VR?

Thankfully, I don’t have to decide anytime soon… as I don’t have the money for such a purchase! Pheew =D?? It’s just… the more I read about photography, the more time I spend on Flickr and photoshoping my photos, the more and better pics I take… the more I want a DSLR!?? But once I get a DSLR, there’s so much more *stuff* I’d want to get for it… no one ever just stops at a body and one lens 😦My birthday’s coming up soon… anybody wanna treat me to a big birthday+going away present?!?

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