Phriday Photos

Snow Storm photos from last week:


Check out all the photos available from: March 1, March 2.

The sky has lost its color, the sun has turned to gray;At least that’s how it feels to me whenever you’re away.I crawl up in a corner, to watch the minutes pass;Each one brings me closer to the time when you’ll be back…the time you’re comin’ backI can’t take the distance, I can’t take the miles,I can’t take the time until the next see you smile.I can’t take the distance and I’m not ashamed,That I can’t take a breath without sayin’ your name.I can brave a hurricane and still be standin’ tallwhen all the dust has settled down.But I can’t take the distance.I still believe in feelings, but sometimes I feel too much–I make believe you’re close to me.But it ain’t close enough–not nearly close enough.

-The Distance (Evan and Jaron)Currently reading:


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