Music Monday


I’ve been listening to Katharine McPhee‘s debut album recently, and I must say that I am digging it! She is no Kelly Clarkson, but she does have a really good, strong voice – a little bit raspy on the edges too 😉If you don’t know Katharine, Katharine Hope McPhee (born March 25, 1984) is an AmericanPop/R&B singer who was the runner-up to Taylor Hicks on the fifth season of American Idol in 2006.Simply put, she’s very easy on the eyes too – a nice looking Californian!Here’s Katharine McPhee singing “Better Off Alone“. It’s a pretty good balad, quite powerful if you can relate at all to the lyrics. (Check out the rest of the album on my sidebar.)[audio:

One thing I’m wonderin’When you run out of friendsWill you be coming back home?Let’s think this through againLet’s take a different spinWhy can’t I leave you alone?Somewhere tonight, you may be foundWith some other girl you’ve been draggin’ aroundYou lie to yourself, and you lie to meIt seems like the truth is your worst enemyCause baby I’m tired, tired of the fightI’m tired of the lonely days and the dark endless nightsIt’s taken some time, cause I didn’t knowIf I could ever let you goYou helped me figure it outI’m better off aloneI’m better off aloneI may be found, somewhere tonightCursing the day you walked into my lifeWhat’s done is done, I can’t change timeBut I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna tryOh I’m gonna tryBut every now and then, my heart gives inTo the hope that someday you’ll changeThen alone I’ll wake, to my own mistakesThat it’s just a foolish gameOne thing before I goSomething I’ve got to knowBoy, did you ever love me?

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