Music Monday


Here’s another one from last year’s American Idol runner-up, Katharine McPhee, titled “Everywhere I Go“. I’m really enjoying her CD & luving her voice: it’s nothing fancy or extravagant (like Kelly Clarkson), but has a great range from raspy lows to colorful highs – combine that with easy to listen to pop beats equates to a great pop album 🙂 Associated Press says,

it’s on the power ballads “Home” and “Ordinary World” that McPhee shows she really can sing, with a voice that is at once sultry and breathy in the lower registers, and strong when it needs to be in the higher ranges. These two tracks, destined for dentist offices and supermarkets around the world, will remind listeners why they voted for her in the first place.

[audio: here:

It???s funny how you think you really know yourselfLike you would never lose yourself to someone elseAnd I was up to thinking it was all about you and meSilly silly meI should have never listened to a word you saidBut I was always giving in to promisesI never should have gone for, I should never long for you no matter how hard it getsAnd I want this to be overI so want this to be throughIn the end somehow it always comes back to you**Cause everywhere I goNo matter what I do boyI just can???t get you out of my headSo it annoys me(You wasn???t man enough)To come and tell me(That I was never the one)Like you said I was(You could have told someone)You knew you didn???t love me anymoreIf you had only told me how you really feltI could have put my feelings into someone elseBut I was busy thinking I was where I was supposed to beSilly silly meBut there was something ???bout you I couldn???t resistCan???t put my finger on it but whatever it isI never should have stood for itI know you???re no good for meAnd that???s the way it isAnd I want it to be overI so want it to be throughIn the end somehow it always comes back to you**I tell myselfGet over youIt???s over rightright thing to doAnd just when I thought I was doneYou pull me in for another runI can???t take thisWon???t take thisCan???t do thisi Won???t do itEven if I know in the end somehow it always comes back to you

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