He Hung


I raise my head the sky to seeCloaked dark, the clouds, they beckon meMy thrashing heart beats deafeninglySharp iron holds these aching limbsThe mocking crowd keeps tight the dimCurses wrought, hate bought by whimHere is Christ, the Chosen One!Hanging there, dies God’s own Son!Harshly forgot I too am undoneRacked with pain, I do not denyThis hellbent urge to turn and cryAt furrowed brow, yet unwavering eyeScreaming at his lowered headI demand that he displace my steadWithout a word life crushes instead’cross curs-ed ground another wailsWhy do you tarry, he now assailsIt seems we are both of no availGlancing up, he knows my all, ‘neath heavy eyesNo condemnation toward me fliesSins once done become blood-bought liesRolling now, the black horizon nearsI am at the end, here die my fearsA sudden flush and this slow mind clearsDo you not fear God, I defendWhat has he done to come to this end?Was it not our guilt that killed us friend?Straining now with rushed immediacyMy king, please now remember meI always have, this mercy’s freeThis hilltop’s grasp is no longer glaredNow all at once my life was sparedGlory be, this is how a sinner faredWhen the darkness came and danced with gleeIt wasted quick, then death did fleeFor he, my King, he hung for me

By Arbeite und Hoffe

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