Grace – spoken word


GraceUnmerited favor toward those who deserve wrath.Unmerited favor toward those who because of sin wouldn???t desire to askUnmerited but given, inherited our sinningGraceIs salvation from predestination, Christ gave his life to change ourdestinationIs good health, when we deserve badIt is unmerited favor to those who deserve wrath.Is good relationships with God and with othersIs the reason we call each other brothers.Grace forgets mistakes and gives new air to breatheIt the reason we sing, we pray and we readGrace is the warm breeze when it’s cold and the cool breeze when it’s hotGrace would be everything but some things it’s notWrathIntense hatred for sin.Is God righteous judgment for crime against him.Is just as much God as Mercy, Love, and forbearanceIt is Holy and Just and will make it’s appearance Is that reality we like to forget, when we lie, when we steal, when we hateGodIs the result, of the sins of our faults becase of the fall Is Jesus, who did nothing, who said nothing but is everything,beaten 39 times with a whip that rips with an incredible stingIs having a crown of thorns pressed down to your eyesIs being innocent but yet crucified.Is real as said in His wordIs toward those who deserve Toward youDo you think you do not deserve when God says judgment comes at everycarelessword?Do you think wrath is somewhat true?Do you realize that wrath should come after youbut yet, no, where wrath says goodbye grace says helloUnmerited favor You did not, you will not, ever earnIt is a gift that is free, it is a gift that is learnedGrace, grace, grace paid for my sins and brought me to lifeGrace, grace, grace paid for my sins and brought me to ChristUnmerited yet inherited, ah, grace amazing graceGrace Is God???s Response At Christ’s ExpenseIs God Remembers All Christ EventsIs God???s Reaction Against Creation???s enmityIs God Relents Against Christ???s enemiesIs what the world sees but does not grasp but for us Grace is unmerited favor toward those who deserve wrath

A spoken word meditation on the word ???Grace???, as performed on the opening night of New Attitude 2007 by Curtis Allen (aka Voice).

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