ESV: revised 2007


If you missed it, the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Holy Bible has undergone some minor revisions this year. Its publisher, Crossway, has not released a list of changes, but a blogger Rick Mansfield has released a list of verse changes:

As the Rick has noted, the revision includes changes of spelling or grammar, and a few reflect mild theological change.While the ESV is currently considered the preferred Bible translation of many at Southern Seminary and one of the best, most literal translation in the opinion of many modern Reformers, every Bible translation in the recent era has undergone a revision. The NIV was originaly published in 1978 and was revised in 1984; the more recent NLT was original published in 1996 was revised in 2004. Thus, I am glad that such a beautiful, accurate Bible translation as the ESV has undergone a revision process to make it the best English Bible translation ever and hopefully the most widespread since the NIV.I do have a ESV Reverse-Interlinear and it was the first to use the 2007 revised edition of the NT text. Other ESV’s I have include a small Compact TruTone (whose font is unfortunately too small to study often with and has trouble laying flat), and I am awaiting delivery of my premium bonded leather Classic Thinline that has 9.5pt font so I have a Bible that’s easier on my eyes to preach from.With 3 ESVs in my hands already, I think it will be a while until I purchase another ESV (maybe the Literal Study Bible or the ESV Study Bible?). So unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be using much of the 2007 ESV in my non-online study of Scripture — the 2001 will have to do for now 😦 Nevertheless, reading through the list of changes is quite interesting!

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