Paris Hilton on Larry King

I was watching “We Are Marshall” with my sister last night, but here’s some “the best of” Paris Hilton’s interview with Larry King last night:


Best pre-written flack-vetted lawyered-up soundbite: “It was very traumatic experience and everything happens for a reason. [It] was a time out from life to find out what’s important, to figure out who I am, even though it’s really hard, I took that time to get to know myself.” Second best: “Don’t serve the time, let the time serve youBiggest Fibberoo of the Night: When Larry asked her whey she wanted to do the interview, she said, “when I heard you asked me to be on the show, I was excited…I consider you an icon…”Second…“I will never drink and drive again…”Third…“I was treated like any other inmate, no better no worse.”

(From The TV Zone.)Official transcript from the interview on CNN is available here.

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