Music Monday

Today’s Music Monday comes a little late, since today was a holiday Monday here in Canada (Sunday was Canada Day) and my family and I spent the day in Niagara to do some sight-seeing of Niagara-on-the-Lake, outlet mall shopping and some good family time together. It was probably the last time for the next little while that my whole family could spend a whole holi-day together, since I will be moving to Louisville to spend my next 3 years pursuing a Master of Divinity and my sister will be in Waterloo finishing her undergrad and who-knows-where doing her Masters afterwards.


By the time you read and listen to this, it’ll be back-to-work Tuesday for everybody who is not from the US of A, and the day before Independence Day if you are from the States. Today’s song is from acclaimed artist/lead-worshiper Christy Nockels (formerly of the Christian band, Watermark), who is well known for her powerful yet graceful voice. Christy and her husband, Nathan, serve together leading music at various Passion Conferences, and Nathan also produces many Sixsteps Records. The song is titled “Pure Glory“, and has become popular in Christian worship through Passion Conferences, 7|22, and locally, through AFC’s Campus Challenge conference. The version here is from Christy’s EP, which was recorded in her home-studio.[audio: and chords here.If you’d like to purchase Christy’s EP cd, click here — I highly recommend it, it’s a great CD (I think you’d agree after listening to this track!).

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