Music Monday


I’ve been listening to the new Kelly Clarkson cd, “My December“, that was released a feel weeks back. It’s a pretty good CD, though stylistically Kelly has changed to be a bit less pop and a bit more rock. While it is a good third effort from one of my fave American Idols, I cannot say that the album as a whole is her best. From the times I’ve listened to the whole CD, I can only say there is maybe 2-3 good songs that are top 40 worthy. Nevertheless, I’ll try to feature some of these during Music Monday.Today’s song is “Sober” — her new single, a relatively slow ballad from Kelly that soars dynamically to really show off her vocal skills. I must say that from all of Kelly Clarkson’s albums, she always seems to sing many songs that I can relate to personally very well. This song is one of them…Live @ AOL Sessions video:MP3:[audio: here:

And I don???t knowThis could break my heart or save meNothing???s realUntil you let go completelySo here I go with all my thoughts I???ve been savingSo here I go with all my fears weighing on meThree months and I???m still soberPicked all my weeds but kept the flowersBut I know it???s never really overAnd I don???t knowI could crash and burn but maybeAt the end of this road I might catch a glimpse of meSo I won???t worry about my timing, I want to get it rightNo comparing, second guessing, no not this timeThree months and I???m still breathingBeen a long road since those hands I left my tears in but I knowIt???s never really over, noWake upThree months and I???m still standing hereThree months and I???m getting better yeahThree months and I still amThree months and it???s still harder nowThree months I???ve been living here without you nowThree months yeahThree months I hurtThree months and I???m still breathingThree months and I still remember itThree months and I wake upThree months and I???m still soberPicked all my weeds but kept the flowers

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