Give Me An Answer 2008


Give Me An Answer Conference 2008Immortal Combat: Is It Finished?Missions, Spiritual Warfare, and the Kingdom of ChristFebruary 8-9, 2008 @ The Southern Baptist Theological SeminarySpeakers:

  • Dr. Albert Mohler: President of The Southern Baptist TheologicalSeminary and cultural commentator (and host of The Albert Mohler Radio Program)
  • Dr. Russell Moore: Dean of The School of Theology and author of The Kingdom of Christ
  • Dr. Chuck Lawless: Dean of The Billy Graham School ofMissions, Evangelism and Church Growth and author of Spiritual Warfare.


  • Shane and Shane: God-centered and relevant, this well-knowncontemporary Christian duo has brought a fresh sound to timeless,unchangeable truths. (Also on Tour???Starfi eld and David Nasser)
  • Aletheia: Theologically sound and musically gifted, this vocal ensemble from Boyce College performs and leads worship in venues around the country.

Elective Sessions:

  • How Does the Holy Spirit Work Among Non-Christian Peoples?
  • What Role Does the Supernatural Play in Missions?
  • What Weapons Does a Christian Have in Spiritual Warfare?
  • What Does the Qur???an Say About Jesus?
  • Unisex Universe: Do Gender Roles Cross Cultural Barriers?
  • How Do Global Epidemics, War and Natural Disasters Affect Missions?
  • Coffee Shop Evangelism: How Do I Begin Spiritual Conversations?
  • Is There an Agenda Against Jesus on the College Campus?
  • What are the Subtle and Unsubtle Schemes of Satan?

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