What’s wrong with worship music?


Brian Doerksen was recently interviewed by Christianity Today and was briefly asked about what’s wrong with worship music today. If there’s anybody even remotely qualified and experienced to give an accurate evaluation of the current state of worship music, it would be Brian Doerksen.Why make an album focused exclusively on God’s holiness?

Two reasons. The positive reason is, when I went to withdraw and seek God at the beginning of last year to learn what he wanted me to do, I had such a powerful encounter with him and his holiness. The more I meditated, the more it became the only thing I wanted to sing about.The negative reason would be simply my deep concern about some of what is going on in the modern worship explosion???the shallowness, the man-centeredness, the banality. I wanted to do something that was about God and his core attributes. A song like “Holy God” is a God song, not a song about our feelings toward God. It’s not our response to God. So this was my way of saying, “Think on these things.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

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