Alarms Blaring


(More photos here)Another hot day in Louisville, Kentucky here!After my family left back for Toronto this morning at 7am, I went back to my room to catch a few more hours of sleep. Then I started the long process of settling in and organizing my room. I’ve moved big empty cardboard boxes out of my room, but I still have a lot to organize. I had lunch with a floormate from down the hall; he’s Malaysian and he’s here to do his PhD in church music/worship. He kindly invited me to have lunch with him; he cooked cabbage porridge and we shared that together over some good conversations about our ministry callings.Later that afternoon, I got my picture taken for my photoID, and met up with a fellow new M.Div/School of Theology student I met through Facebook. I had Desiring God books sent to his mailbox earlier to hold on for me, and we finally met up so I could take those off of him. We had a really good two hour conversation about church, theology, and ministry, and he invited me to join him for a Bible study tomorrow night at 9th and O Baptist Church. Looking forward to that đŸ˜‰The most memorable event of the day was the smoke alarms in some of the rooms on the 3rd floor here at my dorm. Since 3pm, they’ve been malfunctioning and blaring continuously all day and all night. We’ve called security to try to fix it, but it just went intermittently on and off for a long time. Finally, around 10pm it finally shut off! Praise God; He really is still in control of what happens in our world — especially in seminary.I wish I had more time to devote to reflecting theologically and blogging during this first week at Southern, let alone theological blog reading. I’ve been reading through John Stott’s classic book “Basic Christianity” and I hope to share some reflections on it shortly. I’ve got a lot of personal reading I want to finish before school starts on Monday (Aug.13), and yet, I am freaking out on the inside already, having received all the course syllabuses — there’s soo much to read!I’ve been pre-occupied with cleaning up / organizing my room, learning how to use my new MacBook, trying to resolve the printer issue with my LaserJet not being recognized by OSX, and really just settling into a good groove. I’m hoping to get into a well-disciplined schedule of morning prayer and devos in the lawn outside my dorm, so hopefully I can get that started tomorrow morning, as well as jogging every other morning or so before breakfast!Anyways, my bed time is overdue. Grace to you, my brothers and sisters back home in Toronto! More updates soon…

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