Music Monday


It’s been a memorable first day of seminary! I had one class this morning, Systematic Theology I with Dr. Russell Moore. Memorable because Dr. Moore made some direct comments about how all of theology should be focused around the central motif of Christ — and not just “God’s glory” in an abstract sense — as well as his mentioning of Rob Bell and Tony Jones as persons in the church today who are having an adverse effect on the Christian faith because of their theology. (Amen to that!)Thus, since we should all be Christocentric in all we do, today’s Music Monday features Steve Fee‘s “All Because of Jesus“. It’s an upbeat worship song that speaks of the centrality of the person and work of Jesus Christ, and recently has been used at the New Attitude 2007 conference. Check it out:[audio: Lyrics here:

Verse:giver of every breath I breatheauthor of all eternitygiver of every perfect thingto you be the glorymaker of heaven and of earthno one can comprehend your worthking over all the universeto you be the gloryPreChorus:I’m alive because i’m alive in YouChorus:it’s all because of Jesus I’m aliveit’s all because the blood of Jesus Christthat cover’s me and raised this dead man’s lifeit’s all because of Jesus I’m aliveBridge:every sunrise sings Your praisethe universe cries out your praisei’m singing freedom all my daysnow that I’m alive

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