Music Monday


Today’s Music Monday features Jordin Sparks — the season 6 winner of American Idol. At 17, this makes her the youngest winner in American Idol history. She has a good vocal range, but of course, nothing compared to my dear Carrie. I’ve been playing her first single, “This Is My Now“, from my old Top 100 playlist from June, and I admit, there’s good reason for her to be the current reigning ‘Idol. [audio: will tell if her music is as good as and different from my the other American Idols I have on my iPod: Carrie, Kelly, and Katharine. I have never really watched a full episode of American Idol in my life, but I confess now that I am a fan — at least of the female winners/runners up:P (That means for you guys out there, you gotta step it up!)Lyrics here:

There was a time I packed my dreams away Living in a shell, hiding from myself. There was a time when I was so afraid I thought I???d reached the end. Baby, that was then. But I am made of more than my yesterdays. **This is my now, And I am breathing in the moment. As I look around, I can???t believe the love I see. My fear???s behind me, Gone are the shadows and doubt. That was then. This is my now. I had to decide. Was I gonna play it safe? Or look somewhere deep inside, Try to turn the tide. Find the strength to take that step of faith? **I have a courage like never before, yeah. I settled for less, but I???m ready for more. Ready for more???

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