huiou theou

Music Monday:

I’ve been reciting Mark 1:1-15 over and over in my head for my NT1 midterm, and as a result, I’ve been humming this great song of praise in my head the past couple days! ~smiles~ I love the lyrics… so Christo-centric 🙂

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.Mark 1:1

Son Of God

Performed by Starfield with Chris Tomlin. Written by Jon Neufeld, Tim Neufeld, Ed Cash, Gordon Cochran.[audio: here:

Verse 1:Son Of God, shaper of the starsYou alone, the dweller of my heartMighty King, how beautiful You areHow beautifulSon of God, the Father’s gift to usYou alone, were broken on the altar of lovePrecious Lamb, our freedom’s in Your bloodit’s in Your bloodCHORUS:Jesus, Oh Holy OneI sing to You, forgivenSavior I’m overcomewith Your great love for meYou are worthy, You are worthyYou are worthy of all my praiseYou are beautiful, You are beautifulI will lift up my hands and singVerse 2:Son of God, strength beyond all compareYou alone, the darkness cannot bearLord of all, Your kindness draws me nearit draws meSon of God, prophecy of oldYou alone, redeemer of my soulCome again, and lead Your people homecome lead us home

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