Nashville Conference on the Church and Theology 2008 audio


The 2008 Nashville Conference on the Church and Theology was held recently (Feb. 8-10) and featured D.A.Carson, Steve Lawson, and Tim Challies. The conference serves as “an opportunity to rediscover the power of the Cross. NCCT 08 is a call to reformation. It is for preacher, leader and layman alike, all wrestling with the same questions. Can the church reach out without selling out? Can it address the culture without abandoning its core message?”The sermon audio from NCCT’08 was just posted here, but since that page lacks direct links to download the mp3s, I thought I’d help and provide the direct download links here:

Session 1: D.A. Carson – Keeping Up With the Conversation[audio: 2: Steve Lawson – The Power of the Gospel[audio: 3: D.A. Carson – The Gospel and Postmodern Minds[audio: 4: Steve Lawson – Bring the Book![audio: 5: Tim Challies – Loving God with Your Mind[audio: 6: D.A. Carson – We Preach Christ Crucified[audio: 7: D.A. Carson – The God Who Helps[audio:

I’m looking forward to listening to these conference talks over the next week. Don Carson gave some interesting talks on postmodernism/Emerging church apparently; Steve Lawson powerfully spoke the Word as always; and Tim Challies’ message should be discerningly enlightening!

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