Sunday Miscellenia

It has been a few days since I’ve posted an article, so it is about time for an update.

Knock, Knock, Clang, Clang

The past week was a relatively bad week: Monday morning I was woken up by a continuous banging noise. Apparently the seminary is doing some construction or maintenance on the roof of my building, and so the banging started around 8am and last for 3 hours at least. I only have an evening class Monday and since I’m a night owl and study more in the evenings, and thus I was not planning to wake up until the late morning. Hence, I was very grumpy on Monday as the banging noise woke me up continuously even as I tried to sleep through it.

Throbbing, Piercing

And that was not the worst of it. Tuesday morning, I started having a throbbing headache that extended from some shooting pain from my left ear. I do not know what migraines feel like, but I am certain it was just as painful. I hope that the headache would subside by itself, but once Wednesday came, my head still throbbed painfully. After going to the Shepherding group at church, I took a nap and a couple Tylenol before getting back up to study. Thankfully, things got better on Thursday and by Friday my headache had pretty much subsided. Thanks y’all for your prayers and well wishes; the Lord is good and this brief time of suffering certainly reminded me of the need to trust in the Lord for healing.

It’s A Beautiful Day

Saturday was a beautiful day, but today/Sunday was even better. 18 celcius and sunny, it looks like the Spring is near and the winter is pretty much behind us. After getting back from a long lunch with church friends, I spent some time communion with the Lord outside in the seminary lawn — enjoying the beautiful weather that God had graced us with. I’m looking forward to putting away the winter jackets for the next 9 months!

Princesses Overtaking the Church

After reading this article on the idea of the princess, I have been spiritually enlightened to see the negative and damaging effects of this influx in the church. I know numerous girls, sisters in Christ who have or still do call themselves “princess”. I whole-heartedly agree that the “difficulty is that when people have used this theme, they have often fallen into the trap of teaching a moralistic message rather then a gospel message.” The princess theme that fairy tales, Disney, and Eldredge’s Captivating promote a woman-centered message where it is all about the worth and beauty of the woman instead of God. In essence, this is outright contrary to biblical theology and could very well be idolatry at some level. All people — whether Greek or Jew, male or female — must find their personal satisfaction and security in Jesus Christ and His atoning work alone, and not in the beauty of the self.Even while we are made in the image of God, I have been reminded in my readings for Systematic Theology II that our image has been marred and severely perverted by original sin of our first parents and further by our sins of omission and commission. Therefore, if there can be any renewal of our “imago dei”, then we must look at ourselves in light of God’s gracious work of forgiveness and renewal. We ought to trust in the finished work of Christ who gave us the Holy Spirit, thus empowering us to put off the old self and put on the new (Colossians 3:5-10; Ephesians 4:22-24). I may have offended some princesses already. (If I did, I apologize, as I did not intend to. It’s simply that the truth must be said of the princess theme/idea in general) I am not saying that any of the “princesses” I know are idolaters, but I am saying that if and when this princess idea is left unchecked in the mindsets of all Christians, it becomes very difficult to confront the issue in today’s postmodern generation where it is all about the individual. As beautiful and precious as women are in God’s sight, the princess culture has been more unhelpful and detrimental than helpful to the church’s mission of magnifying God in Christ. Men and women alike, we all must continually remind ourselves that God is king, we are his children, and we are a royal priesthood. Males and females are both made in the image of God, created by Him and for Him, equal in value and worthy, yet distinct in function and role. In everything we do and think and “dream” about, may we ensure that we are bringing glory to God alone, and not ourselves.

Millard Erickson

The widely acclaimed Baptist theologian Millard Erickson is speaking at Southern Seminary this week for the Gheens Lecture Series on “Theology Needs Help”. Erickson is Distinguished Professor of Theology at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He is a leading evangelical spokesman with numerous highly regarded volumes to his credit, including the classic textbook Christian Theology. I am very much looking forward to hearing Dr. Erickson speak and have a book or 2 signed by him. He is like, 75 years old I think, so if you are in the Louisville area this week, you are welcome to join us at Southern Seminary Chapel to hear Erickson preach/lecture.

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