The Least You Deserve

During Dr. Wellum’s Systematic Theology II class tonight, he lectured and discussed the topics of the Image of God, human beings as male and female, as well its implications for marriage. And as such, I think it is appropriate for me to spill my beans and let something off my chest on a related matter, something that I may not have mentioned here before.

There’s something you should know about me, Max. I’m very, very choosy… I’m also very, very suspicious; very, very irrational, and I have a very, very short temper. I’m also extremely jealous and slow to forgive. Just so you know.–From the film, A Good Year (2006)

When the time comes that I should get into a serious relationship, I will tell you. If I have your phone number, and if you and I are the kind of friends who announce to each other such wonderful news, I will call you up and tell you!Furthermore, when I become engaged, I will also call you up and tell you that splendid news! Engagements and weddings are too too glorious, and gracious a gift from the Lord that needs not be kept quiet, a secret, hidden under the sheets, or ashamedly to only “immediate” family. (Heck, after I have told announced the news personally to all pertinent parties.I will even announce that here for the world to see and permalink every other blog I regularly read just to share my joy with the world!)If you and I are good enough friends to care and pray for each other, I owe it to you to announce something as important as the union of 2 people. Young or old, near or far, you will not have to find out through some online social network like Facebook, modern IM-blogging like Twitter, nor through a third party like a mutual Pastor we know. If you do for some reason hear about such great news through a third party, contact me and I’ll apologize, beg for your forgiveness, and ask that you pretend like you never heard it via hearsay — and then I’ll tell you the announcement myself!:-)Is that too much for you to handle? I hope not, brothers and sisters. We are the body of Christ, and thus, when one part is ecstatic and has something wonderful to celebrate, then the rest of the body should join in on the celebration also! Anyways, that’s just me. Excuse the rant. I just wanted to put this out there. It may be a bold commitment to say what I just said, but mark my words: I’ll do my best to love you like a brother or sister through this small act of brotherly affection, for that is what you are to me — a brother/sister in Christ.I pray that you can say the same.SDG

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