Near Flood in Louisville, A Drought in Toronto

The Maple Leafs are currently 12th in the Eastern Conference (which is equal to 4th last). I haven’t paid much attention to them in the past few years. I used to consider myself a “die hard Leafs fan”, but lately, I don’t seem to care much. Why? Because even if I take my eyes off of them and stop screaming at the TV for a few months… they are still nowhere near winning the Cup.

The last time we won the championship was in the 1966-67 season — which means it’s been over 40 years since our last championship! Is there any hope yet? I’m a Calvinist — so that means of course there is hope, as long as we keep our faith in Jesus Christ alone 🙂 We are predestined to win the Stanley Cup again; it’s only a matter of time. All we need to do is trust in the Lord! It’s not like they’re not going to win it unless we cheer them on…. right?!

(HT: Pocketfish)

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