The Truth Remains in Midnight Coversations

Sometimes, the most important things are the things that are not said.Notice here now, the things that I am not saying.There, you understand?If not, let me rant.There are a lot of things recently that I have chosen to left unsaid here on my website. The truth of the matter is, there are many things I do want to say. A few topics I’ve jotted down in my Moleskine that I intend to talk about include: modesty at Christian weddings; law and gospel; legalism of Seventh-Day Adventists; “learn, learn, learn” vs. “Preach the Word”; priority of music in local church worship; the unattractiveness of Rob Bell; postmodern deconstruction of Ephesians 4:1; among other things.But for now, I will refrain from talking about what needs to be said. For the sake of the hearers, I think the principle “If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say it” applies. I can get very un-nice here… and I certainly have the freedom and right to do so, for this is my website and I do not cater words to you. However, I nevertheless desire to build you up, instead of tear you down. BUT I am also reminded of the calling the LORD put on the Prophet Jeremiah — “to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” So beware, I may seem like a nice guy (and that, I certainly think I am), but the time is coming when words will be said that shall destroy your unchristian Christian worldview, and break down your preconceived notions of what’s acceptable for a nominal Christian. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.Simply put, this is what happens when I am confronted with the Gospel 7 days a week, and academically speaking, at least 4 times every week in my classes. These are those times when often my mouth is simply stopped, because the Law speaks to me even though I am technically not under it as a Gentile. Therefore, I know that I am held accountable to God for how I live. Please understand that it is like I have finally understood what it means that by works of the law no human being will be justified in God’s sight and what is like to have the spotlight of Law shining my sin.That my friend is what I’m going through: an unrighteous person walking righteously because he has faith in the finished work of Christ on the Cross for his sins. And it is in these moments that I wonder, why don’t they get it?! I think of some among us (maybe even some reading this), and wonder why they say all the right Christian things — and don’t live it. Why some say one thing, and do another; why some believe living in a certain way is suitable for a Christian, and yet he/she does things the way the world does it.I ain’t on no holy pedestal here — I’ve wrestled long and hard over many months with this — and I certainly don’t think I’m anywhere near the “holy” level God wants me to be. But I have observed this: hypocrisy has become a respectable sin that has been accepted by some churches. We may read our Bibles, study our Systematic Theologies, sit under pseudo-expositional preaching, attend inductive Bible studies, participate in small groups, say all the “right” orthodox things that a Christian should say, believe all the “good” things that a Christian should believe in. AND YET, at the same time, our worldview is still shaped and being shaped by the secular world. Even though our trajectory is towards the heavenly places where we will one day live forever with God, we still accept certain secular norms into our so-called “Christian” lifestyle — mindsets and motives that doesn’t make us look any different from the world at all.That, my friend, is a serious problem.You know it, I know it.And you don’t even know what I’m talking about exactly–how neat is that!

“The world says one thing, the Bible says another.And I do what the world says, since the Bible is grey about this matter.And that’s going to be OK — cause I believe in Jesus, and that’s what matters!’

Well, if that’s what you really think and what you’re really doing… what is it exactly do you believe about Jesus? Do you actually believe that He is your Lord AND Savior?… or do you only want the Savior, and not the Lord? Because you’re really acting like He ain’t your Lord. And if that’s the case, a Gospel with Jesus only as Savior and not Lord is only a pseudo-gospel — and half of a Jesus really is no Jesus itself.If you think you’re saved, maybe it’s time to examine yourself to see if you’ve really confessed with your mouth that Jesus is Lord — and believed in your heart that God raised him from the dead. It’s not a case of either or, it’s a both and. You know I care about you a lot, and I love you like myself — and that’s why I’m confused about what you’re doing. Stop living like that, cause it’s not getting you anywhere.

You lie awake at night with blue eyes that never cryAll you remember now is what you feelThe truth remains in midnight conversationsI asked for this moment but you turned away

Don’t walk away from this. Repent, for the kingdom is at hand — believe in the Gospel… the whole Gospel. And yeah, you need to live like you believe it — otherwise, you’re only showing the world that you don’t.

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