You find me when I’m hiding behind all my disguises. You see me. It takes you to keep me breathing. You are heart. Passion. Vision. Word Incision. You send me and you bring me close. Close close closer. Until when you look at me you see you. You are heavenly. My present and future destiny. You are Father. Creator. Sustainer. Life changer. Pride breaker. You are yesterday today and forever. You are pleasure. You are worth. Reason. Present in every season. You are worship. Devotion. You are the reason for all my commotion. You are the one that I pray to. You can tell that I’m nothing without you. So awesome that I can pray to you about you. To know you. To sense you. To believe you more. To love you more. To obey you more. To give you more of my heart

Oh God search me. Know me. See me. Examine me. Test me. Love me. Watch me. Protect me. Show me. Investigate me. Be pleased with me. Question me. Keep me. Change me. Have me. Correct me. Take me. Help me. Create in me. Break in on me. Be my reality. Sustain me. Decrease me. Decrease me. Decrease me. Decrease me. Until there is no me left. Only you. Only you. Only you

You are light. Are true. Are you. Are hope. Are love. Are strength. Are escape rescue safe. You are peace. You are belief. You are advance and retreat. Of what, to what, to whom can I compare you?. You are my all things new. You are my place of refuge. You are my fortress. My rest. My creativity in the strength of your words to me. You are my ability to see hear feel move live breathe be. You are life and death all at the same time. You are friend. You are believer savior redeemer. You are today tomorrow and the next day. And the next day and the next day and the next day. You are truth. You transcend old age and youth. You are timeless. priceless. lightness in darkness. greatness. goodness. sinless.

And in a mess like my life you see righteousness. In fact, You leave me speechless. You alone are God.

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