Well, If It Wasn’t Love, It Was a Lot Like It


One of my favorite movies from my younger years was a romantic-comedy that featured Ashton Kutcher and the adorable Amanda Peet from 3 years ago, A Lot Like Love (2005).?? (Yes, laugh all you want — I am a sensitive guy with a mushy heart!)The film spans a 7 year period — the story of good-boy Oliver and bad-girl Emily.?? “On a flight from Los Angeles to New York, Oliver and Emily make a connection, only to decide that they are poorly suited to be together. Over the next seven years, however, they are reunited time and time again, they go from being acquaintances to close friends to … lovers?”The memorable catch-phrase of the entire movie is “Don’t… you’ll ruin it” — a line that is so simple, and yet was used in situations that are so complicated.?? In essence, the saying encapsulates the tragedy of how our need to have life’s “ducks all in a row” holds us back friends from becoming more.?? I really like how the movie tells the long story of acquaintance, friendship, and romance over the long-haul, with all its ups and downs, and the growth of each character over the years.?? It reminds me of how much I’ve grown over the past 3 years, and especially how much has and hasn’t changed.Here are a few memorable quotes from A Lot Like Love:

Emily Friehl: Honestly, if you’re not willing to sound stupid you don’t deserve to be in love.

Oliver Martin: Emily, I’m flat broke. I don’t have a job. I don’t have a plan. And I know, I know I’m probably six years too late, but will you give me strike one back?

Graham Martin: You should get one. [speaking about his son]Oliver Martin: That was the plan, but I’m unemployed, and living with mom and dad.Graham Martin: Oliver, this is your life. It doesn’t wait for you to get back on your feet.

Graham Martin: Oliver, this is your life. You can’t wait for it to just to get you up on your feet.

Oliver Martin: [annoyed] Gabe the babe.

Oliver Martin: The thing is, how can I be there for her if I don’t even have my thing figured out? You know?

Ellen Martin: God, Oliver! You are such a dick! C’mon, let’s just start without him!

Oliver Martin: Well, if it wasn’t love, it was a lot like it.

Oliver Martin: My brother’s deaf, Em. I can go days without talking.

Emily Friehl: Don’t… you’ll ruin it.

Emily Friehl: This is your trip, it’s happening right now[Takes Oliver’s camera and takes a picture of her crotch]Oliver Martin: [sarcastically] Oh Great! All the places I have traveled!

Oliver Martin: What’s your stance on pancakes?Emily Friehl: I am pro-pancakes.

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