So I Will Praise Him in the Night

I recently sent this to a friend in Toronto, so I thought I might share this with y’all here. May the God-centered words be a blessing to you, especially in your times of “night”.

The plans of God bring ebb and flow ???His wisdom thus ordains it.Prosperity to want may go,As His good hands arrange it.Both day and night dispense His grace;Both work to serve His pleasure.By day we know the glorious FaceAt night we learn to treasure.We err to think the darkness bad,When shadows mask our knowing,For there refreshing dew is hadThat keeps the flowers growing.The waxing and the waning moonBoth work to mark the season.The winter dawn and dusk of JuneAlike display His reason.Should we then seek that He explainThe circle of His blessing?Our daily rhythms here maintainGreat patterns there expressing.For sorrows come until the DayWhen Night itself will vanish,While Wisdom works its perfect way,And Light, will darkness, banish.The happy soul is then contentTo know that He is faithful,And through each difficult eventRemembers to be grateful.For God commands each circumstanceTo serve those of His calling.His loving Hand of providenceWill keep the faint from falling.So I will praise Him in the night,This globe of sorrows surely turns.See there His stars of promise bright;Behold, the light of dawn returns.

Kevin Hartnett, August 2007

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