Yes, I have a new Blog!

As some of you have noticed from the link in my previous post, I do have a new website up and running. Actually, I’ve had the domain since late 2006 and it’s actually been online for a while with some old content copied from my current blog.I recently rebuilt the site’s database to fix a few bugs and now it’s fully up and running. So check it out at ??? Shaped by the Cross of Christ

This website hosts the confessions of a Post-Emerging Reformissional evangelical, Alex S. Leung. The articles published here strive to deconstruct the Emerging Church Movement/conversation in a manner that is shaped by the Cross of Christ.

Can anybody actually be “post-emerging” and a Reformed AND missional evangelical at the same time? Time will tell if I can live up to this moniker I’ve given myself!I hope to keep all substantial articles on Emerging Church / postmodernism issues at Cruciformity, while posting an excerpt and link to it from here. (I’ve moved some of my previously written Emerging Church articles to Cruciformity already) I will be posting at Cruciformity very, very frequently — as in, once a week, or two, or once a month… depending on the Holy Spirit’s leading and how much time I have. My motivation for the site right now is from a Systematic Theology paper I am writing on the postmodern dissatisfaction with penal substitutionary atonement. (I might share that with you later this summer)Hopefully, this will free up six steps to be more personal, allowing me to just vent more unreservedly about everything else here at six steps ;-)Enjoy:-)

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