Re-routed and Lost

Hi family,
I am in Chicago (central time) of 6:48am.

In a big mess, the bus at Louisville that I was supposed to get on was already filled with “re-boarding” passengers, and that left all of us new passengers stranded. They had us “re-routed” through Indianapolis, Indiana… and thus, here I am in Chicago. Bus to Detroit should be here in 15mins or so… and I’m supposed to be leaving Detroit at ~4pm. And arrive at 10:25pm in Toronto — about 9hrs delayed from my original arrival at home at 1pm.

One other problem that I ran into is the loss of my luggage. My big blue roller duffle bag seems to be lost and did not make it to Chicago with my bus (or the other bus that came from Indiana). They gave me the Tracking Agent tel#; I tried calling already but it seems that they are not open yet as nobody picked up. There were a good number of other passengers who also lost their luggage, so I am not alone in this.

I’ve been praying over what I’ve lost: 2 textbooks for my June Missions class, free books that I was bringing home to give to other friends, new black dress shoes that I was going to wear to the Wedding, and my portable hard-drive. All in all… a lot — but in the grand scheme of things, I am trying to embrace the truth that it is all just stuff… ~sighs~

My Bible and journal was also in that luggage, so I only have my Puritan prayer (Valley of Vision) book with me. Here are some prayers I’m trying to embrace:

O that all my distresses and apprehensions
might prove but Christ’s school
to make me fit for greater service
by teaching me the great lesson of humility.

All-wise God,
Thy never-failing providence orders every event
sweetens every fear,
reveals evil’s presence lurking in seemingly good
brings real good out of seeming evil
makes unsatisfactory what I set my heart upon,
to show me what a short-sighted creature I am
and to teach me to live by faith upon
thy blessed self.

I’ll call y’all just before I leave Detroit; talk to you soon:)

Alex S. Leung

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