A Brief Update

Two weeks back at home in Toronto has come and gone pretty quickly, and I’m about to leave for Louisville again in about 8hours. My whole time I was home, I was mentally preoccupied with my baggage that Greyhound had lost. After a few phone calls earlier this week, I learned that they had found my luggage and that it was on its way from Detroit to Toronto. Yesterday (Wedns), I went downtown to pick up my luggage from the Toronto Greyhound station. Praise God, everything inside was intact and nothing was stolen 🙂

Let go, let God.

On Sunday, I visited the church of my former English Pastor and attended their English Worship service. It was a very small service, only max 25 people in the little classroom in which it was held. My main thought the moment I stepped into that little room was: “What am I ever going to preach to these little kids?!” The room was filled with little Chinese kids, mostly high school, a handful of university students and a few parents/deacons in the back. And me, the odd visitor from Kentucky. The church is looking for an English Pastor, and I am contemplating the possibility of becoming an “ordinary pastor”. If the opportunity came, what would I do? Pray for me and the sermon I would preach to this little flock on Sunday, July 27.

On Monday, I attended the wedding and reception of two long-time church friends. After a 1.5 year engagement (!) and about a decade of dating, they finally — F I N A L L Y — got married. The wedding ceremony was actually pretty good, with a pastoral exhortation in Cantonese that was pretty funny. The ceremony was actually enjoyable — though my mind was preoccupied with a certain 🙂 somebody 🙂 back in Louisville which made the time pass by much quicker! All in all, it was actually somewhat an enjoyable experience to catchup with friends I have not seen in a while. I’m very happy for the bride and groom and pray that their marriage would magnify God in Christ.

Wednesday night, I had a dinner at a friend’s place downtown. He’s recently graduated from Ryerson University and is about to head back to Hong Kong in July permanently to work for his families business. My friend Lili and her boyfriend (“the Nut”) was also there — Lili is leaving for Hong Kong in June, for a year, to teach English at a primary school. I’ve known Lili since my second year at Ryerson, and it is a sad occasion to say goodbye to her. I will miss her dearly, especially all the conversations we have had in the past 5 years about the drama I cause. Nevertheless, I hope to see her in Toronto in December for Christmas — hopefully to introduce her to my better half! LOL

Well, there’s more to be said about love and life. My mom’s grilled me enough about it during this trip home, and I have a few words to say about the maturity of Christian singles. I’ll save that for later. If I don’t post anything for the next little while, it’s because I’m attending the New Attitude conference from Sat thru Tues, and I’ve got a job interview on Wednesday for a “Seminary Housing Liason” position on-campus.  Pray for that — I need a job! lol

Ta ta for now…

3 thoughts on “A Brief Update

  1. Hey Alex,
    Thanks for dropping off the watch 🙂 Was just wondering which Church is PBen @ now? Just wondering — be cool to hear you preach the Word again since the last English Ministry camp thing when you did your sharing 🙂

    God bless ~

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