I received this in an email last week, and I thought that y’all should know what’s going on, since I previously announced that I would be back in the Toronto area for a preaching invitation on July 27. As per this last communique, the preaching invitation has been rescinded due to the church’s policies on guest speakers:

It was so good to see you the other Sunday when you showed up. It was really a pleasant surprise. I shared the thought of inviting you to preach at our Mission church with the senior pastor of our mother church __Baptist Church and he told me that it is not the church policy to invite seminarian student who has not finished the second year and without taking any homolietic course(s) to preach at our worship services. Knowing that I have invited you, he suggested that we can still have you to come on that sunday to give a testimony/sharing on how you have become a Christian, or how you have changed over the years, or how God called you to the ministry… The time of the sharing is about 10 minutes. And we will arrange another speaker to preach. I am sorry for not knowing all the __Baptist Church policies re. worship speakers, but at least I have found out by now! Hope you will forgive me. I really want you to come on that Sunday and give a testimony so that people will get to know you more.

I am disappointed that I will not get to preach at that church, and am amply frustrated at the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec for letting their churches have such policies. Nevertheless, I am trying to accept the fact that such policies are in place for good reasons — reasons of which I do not yet fully comprehend. I am praying for more doors to be opened by the Lord for me to gain experience in preaching His Word, and I know that he will work this situation out according to the purpose of His will. As of this moment, I do not know exactly if or when I will return to Toronto after the summer semester is finished (July 18). I’ll be sure to announce this within a week’s time, as I need to give the housing office 30days notice.

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