Overwhelmed with Gratitude

I generally don’t want to post this sappy stuff on my blog these days, but I recently quoted the phrase “overwhelmed with gratitude” and accidentally attributed it to Boyz II Men, when it wasn’t them who said it. Thus, here I am to set the record straight, giving credit where credit is due :-)The quote is actually from the song “Thank God I Found You“, sung by Mariah Carey, featuring 98 Degrees and Joe.

I would give up everything, before I’d separate myself from youAfter so much suffering, I finally found unvarnished truthI was all by myself, for the longest time, so cold insideAnd the hurt from the heartache would not subsideI felt like dying, until you saved my lifeCHORUS:Thank God I found you, I was lost without youMy every wish and every dream, Somehow became realityWhen you brought the sunlight, completed my whole life I’m overwhelmed with gratitudeCause baby, I’m so thankful I found youI would give you everything — there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t doTo ensure your happiness, I’ll cherish every part of youCause without you beside me, I can’t survive — I don’t want to tryIf you’re keeping me warm each and every night, I’ll be alrightCause I need you in my lifeBridge:See, I was so desolate before you came to meLooking back I guess it shows that we were destined to shineAfter the rain to appreciate the gift of what we haveAnd I’d go through it all over again to be able to feel this way

I don’t like fruitcake… but apple jam on a breakfast biscuit is enjoyable 😉

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