Occupied and Preoccupied



In the past little while, things have been fairly quiet here on sixsteps.org. On numerous occasions, I have begun posts in response to various things currently happening in the church (locally and at large), but by God’s grace, I have been able to refrain from posting anything on impulse or in the heat of the moment. Such discipline and restraint is certainly from the Lord, as I am striving to walk in obedience to Christ — especially in terms of humility.There are numerous things I want to write about, but at the present time, I am too self-conscious of my personal character growth, as well as the feelings of those reading. In a nutshell, my silence is due to a strong desire not to say anything that is not encouraging or edifying. However, I feel like the time is coming soon that words will arrive on my computer screen from my heart — words which I hope would serve you and build you up in Christ. So, look out for some interesting posts coming up.Meanwhile, I am getting ready for work: I am starting (to) work (FINALLY) at the campus store at Southern Seminary (“5th & Broadway) tomorrow/Monday, and so I will be occupied for the next phase of my seminary life with a blessed part-time job from God.?? I will also be taking Introduction to Biblical Counseling with visiting professor Paul David Tripp (!!) the week of July 7th, so I have been reading up for that; it’s certainly looking to be a wonderful course to take with the renowned biblical counselor 🙂


Aside from that, I have been preoccupied (in a good way!) by a certain sweet, young lady from church whom God has given me the privilege of courting. I will certainly say more about that (and her) in the future, but for now, I have been re-reading many of my own posts on relationships and am realizing how different it is to be on the other side of the relationship fence. I find myself analyzing myself and re-examining my mindset, motives and behavior with this sister in Christ, and simply checking to see if I’ve lived up to my own preaching. Reading to myself my own words has a very challenging affect on my life, personally convicting exhortations that are on par with the challenges to holiness that my girlfriend gives me.?? God has been very good to me, to us, and I only pray that we would be as grow in Christ-centeredness.In all these things — whether things I’m occupied with or preoccupied with, I am desperately dependent on the Holy Spirit, eagerly expecting Him to move, and humbly responding to Him as He works. And for all that God has already done, I only pray for more grace to be poured out upon my life.–SDG

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