The Character and Motivation of a Man of God


But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. (1 Timothy 6:11)

Father in Heaven,

On this day that you have made, I bend my head and bow my heart in worship to you, for you good and your love endures forever. In your holiness, your perfect spotless righteousness, you are worthy to be praised, because you alone made all things. In you, I am held together, and apart from you, I would be subject to your holy wrath and judgment. Thank you again for the gift of your one and only begotten, Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior: for giving him freely to me as a gift to be received by faith, trusting in his atoning work on the cross in my place for my sins. His blood has washed away my sins, and for that, I am thankful everyday of my life.

Oh Lord and my God, I desire to be a man of God, just like your servant Timonthy. I desire to be faithful and strong in light of persecution and difficulty, a slave of one Master and a worshiper of one Lord. May I never selfishly desire renown of my own name or seek after earthly fame, but in all things and in every part of my life — personal and public, church and family — may I be known for what I flee from, who I follow after, what I fight for, and who I am faithful to. I know that perfection in obedience is impossible in this life where sin is still present in my body, and yet I am convinced that through the Scriptures divine submission may be produced within my heart. Though sin may still abound in my flesh, your grace shall abound in my life through Spirit-empowered repentance all the more.

O Great God of highest Heaven, let my outward behavior be continually righteous and honorable in your sight, that people around me would wonder what God I serve who has transformed my heart.?? Conform my heart and soul to the shape of Jesus’ cross, so that I would be more and more like Christ and less and less like those of this world.?? In reverence and in fear, may I come boldly into your presence, where angels even fear to tread, to ask that your kingdom would come and your will be done in my life and the life of my beloved.

In the name of Christ I pray,


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