The Holiest of All Birthday Wishes

So, my 25th birthday is coming up on September 28, and I’m counting down the days until the beginning of the end: when I turn a quarter century!

If you know me, I tend to pamper myself with one significant gift on my own birthday. However, with girlfriend in hand, she has become my second conscience, and thus I probably won’t be getting any of these — she won’t let me buy any of these for myself, for apparently it’s not necessary!

But heck, I’m going to throw this list out there anyways, … …just in case anybody wants to order me a BIG birthday gift!! 🙂  Since y’all know that I’m a seminary student and a leather Bible connoisseur, all that I want is of the holy kind, The Holy Bible, and the holiest of all birthday wishes: the English Standard Version in Calfskin/Goatskin 😉

(I’ve refrained from posting the prices of these holy goodies, but you can click through if you are moved by the Spirit to treat me!)

Or, just visit my Amazon Wishlist for random goodies I’m looking for!

Shipping Address:

Alex S. Leung
2825 Lexington Road, SBTS Box 406.
Louisville, KY 40280

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