Shall Christians date unbelievers who have good morals?


Shall Christians date unbelievers who have good morals?

Consider the following recent comment by Nancy in an old post concerning Christians dating non-Christians:

But what if the person is non-christian, but at the same time as good morals and doesn???t pressure you into things? Are they still grouped together with every other non-christian out there? I mean just because they don???t believe in Jesus Christ and God doesn???t mean they are a bad person. So even if this person is as good and kind as a christian, because they are a non-christian we can???t date them?

The original post and quote is extensive enough to answer this question, but I did respond to Nancy’s question.I am unsure about whether or not Nancy is a born-again believer or not, but it is sad to think that there are numerous Christians who do think this way and would ask similar questions.?? To many Christians, this issue is not black and white, and thus it is even scarier to ponder what they believe about what Scripture teaches about homosexual behavior and abortion.


May responses like this encourage us in our evangelism and gospel proclamation, to be motivated to make plain how different and radical gospel living is, to be be compelled by the love of Christ for us to live more faithfully to His Word.For other posts on this issue of Christians dating unbelievers, see also

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