Carried to the Table: The Work of Christ in Our Weaknesses

I was carried to the table, seated where I don???t belong;Carried to the table, swept away by His love.And I don???t see my brokenness anymore,When I???m seated at the table of the Lord.I???m carried to the table, the table of the Lord.


Today is the first Lord’s Day of January, and moreover, of 2009 and the first Lord’s Supper meal of the year.?? I should be the first to admit that I did not plan on sharing in the Lord’s Supper with the body of the local Baptist church where I am a member.?? This morning, I was sitting on the fence about something that was still bothering me, a burden that still was nagging on my heart.?? You could say that it was the feeling of guilt over previous trespasses I had committed against another, or even unforgiveness and anger for another’s sin against me.?? Either way, I still didn’t feel right with the Lord this morning, and I didn’t have the spiritual strength within me to come to Table.For since around mid-November, I had been struggling with hurt, anger and discontentment.?? I knew that in Christ I was reconciled to him, and even that the impasse that I was holding against a friend was forgiven by God.?? By all visible measures, you could say that everything was fine; and yet by all visible measures you could also say that it was not.?? But from seeking the counsel of wiser brothers and sisters, I found myself unfit to participate in the next Lord’s Supper meal because of what was in my heart. In one sense, you could say that I had not fulfilled the requirements of Matthew 5:23-24 (So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.). I carefully and solemnly examined my heart that first Sunday in December, and though biblically I was permitted to partake that Sunday (1 Cor 11:27-32), I?? chose to refrain from sharing in the Bread and the Vine that Sunday.?? I think that at that time, it was the right thing to do.

Wounded and forsaken, I was shattered by the fallBroken and forgotten, feeling lost and all aloneSummoned by the King into the Master???s courtsLifted by the Savior and cradled in His arms


Throughout the worship service this morning, I was reminded of the grace of God as manifested in Jesus Christ.?? It was the humility of Christ that reminded me of my position before the Lord, or more specifically, his humiliation (Phil 2:1-11).?? Even in the vastness of his divine nature, Christ humbled himself and walked the earth in the form of a man, endured temptation without sinning, and suffered the cruelest of all deaths — death on a Roman cross because of my sin. and your sin.?? and our sin.?? His humility and humiliation is the mindset that we all should have, that we should be united in: a humble obedience to the Father, after which He ultimately will reward us by exalting Christ.In the morning’s sermon on Philippians 2:12-13, I was reminded that I need to work out this salvation that I have in Christ.?? Because indeed, it is not I who wills and does anything in order to come to the Lord’s Table, but rather it is God who wills and works in my life.?? God carried me to the Table.?? His Spirit was working His word into my heart.?? Christ Jesus carried me to his Table with his nail-pierced hands, and seated me where I do not deserve or belong–to fellowship with him and to share in the Bread and Vine with my brothers and sisters. This morning I ate the Bread and the Fruit of the Vine with faith-filled confidence in what God did and was doing in my life, not in what I could do.

Fighting thoughts of fear, and wondering why He called my nameAm I good enough to share this cup — this world has left me lameEven in my weakness, the Savior called my nameIn His Holy presence I???m healed and unashamed

Every time we are about to share in the Lord’s Supper, is this not our position before God?–We are underserving sinners before a Holy God; apart from Christ we are spiritually dead and have hearts of stone; we are weak and have not the strength to even walk down the aisle.?? But God in his mercy and his grace, imputes to us the righteousness of Christ.?? By Christ’s union with us and our union with Christ, we are clothed in an alien righteousness, a righteousness that is not of ourselves but of Christ.?? Hence, as those who have been united to Christ by faith in him, Jesus takes us by hand, lifts us up, and carries us to his fellowship table.?? When we are unable to walk or even crawl, he carries us on his wounded shoulders and brings us to the throne of grace and truth at the foot of the Father.It is a miracle that I was able to share in the Lord’s Supper this morning.?? For all of us Christians who did so today, it is truly an act of grace, an act of God.?? Every time and anytime we are able to fellowship with brothers and sisters in the same body of Christ, it is because of undeserved mercy from God.?? Whenever the love of Christ manifests itself in the forgiveness of one another, it is the mighty hand of God working mercifuly in his people.And when this happens, all people will know that we are His disciples (John 13:35).

Quoted lyrics: Carried to the Table, by Leeland.

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