Like Samuel was John Richard Sampey

Samuel was not himself anointed king. He was, rather, the anointer of kings…

Samuel laid the groundwork; others came after him to build the nation of Israel.

John Richard Sampey in somewhat the same role? A child of the Civil War, standing in the gap between an old and a new America, entangled in an era of change in Baptist life in America, John Sampey acted as a catalyst for survival and identity. He established strong foundations for those who would follow after him. He served faithfully under the presidential administrations of James P. Boyce, John A. Broadus, William H. Whitsitt, Edgar Y. Mullins, and took on the presidency of the seminary after an age when many of us hope to retire. He taught and studied, he preached and evangelized, he traveled on the mission field, and he built relationships with colleges and universities. John Sampey helped to build a strong foundation for the future of Baptist scholars, preachers, and teachers.

Source: "John Richard Sampey: shoulders on which to stand"Baptist History and Heritage ,  Wntr, 2003   by Nancy L. deClaisse-Walford

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