Home is Where the Heart Is

Lady Antebellum — Home is Where The Heart Is 🙂Watch the video!

I felt I was spinning my wheelsBefore too long the road was callingI packed everything I ownSo sure that I was leaving this small town life behind for goodAnd not a single tear was fallingIt took leaving for me to understandSometimes your dreams just aren’t what life has planned

Mama said home is where the heart is, when I left that townI made it all the way to West Virginia, and that’s where my heart foundExactly where I’m supposed to be–it didn’t take much timeIt’s just south of the Mason Dixon lineI worked third shift at an all night dinerOnly stayed to save a little money forEnough gas to make it to the east coastThat’s when I saw the brightest pair ofDeep blue eyes walking straight into my lifeAnd every night we talked till it became so clearAnd I could feel those dreams inside shifting gearsCause love brought me hereAnd I’m standing in my veil about to say I doAs mama smiles with tear drops in her eyesAnd then I realize there’s something mama always knewLove is what I really left to find

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