Charles Leiter in Louisville: September 26-27

Charles LeiterThe Christian Life is not easy. Christians wrestle with the demonic forces of the devil, they feel the sinful desires of the flesh, and they are squeezed by the influences of this world. One of these problems would be enough to overwhelm a person, but all three can really tie a believer up in knots and seriously rob their joy

On Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th Pastor Charles Leiter will speak to the difficult issues we all face in the Christian life at Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. If you are just exploring Christianity we hope these messages will give you an accurate picture of the Christian life. And if you are a believer we hope that these meetings will restore your joy, and give you practical help for difficult days.

  1. Saturday Sept.26 evening @ 7:00pm – Nursery will be provided
  2. Sunday Sept.27 morning @ 9 & 11am – Nursery will be provided
  3. Sunday Sept.27 evening @ 6:00pm – Nursery will be provided

Charles Leiter is the Pastor of Lakeroad Chapel in Kirksville, Missouri, a frequent conference speaker, and the author of the book Justification and Regeneration. He is married to Mona and together they have five children.

Immanuel Baptist Church is located at 1121 S. Clay St. Louisville, KY 40203.

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