The Context of my time at Seminary

I’ve been thinking about the context in which I have spent my seminary studies–the spiritual, the ecclesial (church), the theological issues and controversies which the church of Jesus Christ has had to wrestle with.

The following are some things that shaped my time while studying for my M.Div–in good ways and in bad–and have influenced the kind of pastor-teacher that I will be.   These are some things that have happened during my stay at Southern Seminary, which for better or for worse, I have had to struggle with/for and come to a conclusion about.

  1. The Emerging Church conversation/movement.
  2. Bill Hybels/Seeker-Senstive Church movement & their apology
  3. The Reformed Resurgence
  4. New Perspective on Paul, N.T. Wright; Federal Vision
  5. The Great Commission Resurgence (esp. in the SBC)
  6. Regenerate church membership (proposed SBC resolution in 2006, 2007, 2008)
  7. Women in the pastorate (in non-compliance with SBC’s Baptist Faith and Message, 2000)
  8. SBTS Sequicentennial anniversary
  9. Theological Interpretation of Scripture
  10. Being “missional”
  11. The rise of church planting Acts 29, Sovereign Grace Ministries, Redeemer Presbyterian Church.
  12. ETS doctrinal basis amendment
  13. Together for the Gospel; The Gospel Coalition.
  14. Ligonier & Desiring God National Conferences.
  15. New Attiude/Next Conference; Resolved conference.
  16. Mark Driscoll; Matt Chandler; Tullian Tchividjian.
  17. The fall of the Episcopal church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican church.
  18. The Manhattan Declaration.

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