The great, blessed, exchange

One of the original four doctors of the church, Ambrose???Bishop of Milan???once said,??”I did not have what was His; He did not have what was mine. He assumed what is mine, that I might share in what is His.”

More recently, or forthcoming to be exact, Trevin Wax writes about this same, great, blessed exchange:

On the cross, God demonstrated His perfect justice and His great mercy.
He executed justice by pouring out His wrath against sin upon His only Son.
He showed mercy by absorbing that wrath Himself, thus allowing us to escape His judgment.
  • Because Jesus was filled with horror and cried out, ???My God, my God, why have you forsaken me???? we are filled with wonder and cry, ???My God, my God, why have you accepted me????
  • Because Jesus cried, ???Father, forgive!??? the taunts we hurled at Him at the cross are transformed into praise for His generous mercy.
  • Because Jesus said, ???I thirst,??? we can drink from the fountain of living water and never thirst again.
  • Because Jesus said, ???Woman, behold your son??? and felt the pain of separation from His earthly family, we can experience the blessing of being united with a heavenly family.
  • Because Jesus cried, ???It is finished!??? our new life can begin.
  • Because Jesus committed His spirit into the Father???s hands, God commits His Spirit into our hearts.
From Trevin Wax, Counterfeit Gospels: Rediscovering the Good News in a World of False Hope (Moody, forthcoming April 2011), via Justin Taylor.

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