Sad to see Borders file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


I have loved Borders since the very first day I moved to the US of A. I love their stores; I love how I am greeted when I first walk in & I love the warm n friendly service I get checking out or looking for a book. I’ve been a most happy Borders Rewards member, using my Rewards bucks & discounts towards notebooks & Rhodia noteapds! This is why I am sad to see Borders file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

All things considered, I do use Amazon for the majority of my book-shopping needs. In this, borders was 10yrs late to the online book-selling business, and about 3yrs late to the eBook market. This was epic-fail akin to how Kodak was way-too-slow to transition into digital photography, or how Microsoft was way-too-late getting into the smartphone business. But I hope Borders will restructure well & get back strong into the swing of things, doing what they do best: sell books, in their homey stores.

All the best to Borders!

(below is the email I received today from Borders)

A Message from Borders CEO Mike Edwards


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